The Lang's Difference

Working with Lang's for the sale of your consignments will provide you with services

and a proven auction record unmatched by any other selling venue.


Our promise of exceptional customer service at every point of the transaction extends

to all consignors at every level, no matter the value of the consignment.



* Unlike other auctions and selling venues, at a cataloged Lang's Auction, consignments are 100% public owned. Your consignment will NOT be sold in competition with owner, appraiser, consultant or employee owned items in any Lang's cataloged auction. If you are considering consigning to an auction other than Lang's, make sure to ask how many items are owned by those associated with the auction that would benefit financially from their items selling for more than yours.


* Other selling venues may attempt to emulate Lang's, but no other auction in the tackle collecting field can equal Lang's state of the art consignor or buyer services, can claim a 40,000+ member exclusive mailing list of active collectors, or most importantly can match the number of bidders vying for your items at each and every sale. Our catalog averages over 55,000 views from unique potential buyers every sale, resulting in the world’s largest domestic & international tackle auction audience.


* Consignment rate as low as 0%. Depending on the value and/or the number of items you consign, your seller's commission could be as low as 0%. And there are no "hidden" charges at Lang's. Once received, all costs to bring your items to auction are included in the stated rate, such as full retail insurance, advertising, photography, storage, and any other expense we may incur. No other auction offers higher quality services or better terms to sell your antique or collectible fishing tackle.


* Consignor Payment Guarantee - you will receive your payment, even if we don't. Our consignors are not affected by deadbeat bidders, shipping losses, or non-payment. Your auction proceeds check will be mailed within 30 days following the auction, even if the funds have not been received by Lang's. No other auction in this field offers this important consignor payment promise.


* Lang's consignors benefit from a loyal clientele of serious collectors, gained from decades of service to the most discriminating buyers, who satisfy their collecting needs exclusively through Lang's. They do not belong to collector clubs, attend shows, buy from eBay or any other online auction or seller - their mature collections have been built solely on many years of quality Lang's purchases.


* We will not "cherry pick" your collection - leaving you to dispose of the hard to sell lesser value or common items. We will accept and sell every item you want to consign - valued from $1 to $100,000 and beyond. No other antique fishing tackle related business utilizes three different selling venues to provide every consignor with the best opportunity to realize the highest possible prices. We have a successful venue for every value level: Lang's Cataloged Auction, Online Timed Auctions and Lang's Discovery Auction.

Virtual Viewing vs. Hotel Viewing:


Because of Lang's technical advancements, buyers can now avoid major expenses due to travel, hotels, car rentals, etc., and spend their money on an item for their collection instead, which translates into higher prices for the consignor. No need to expend days away from work, family or recreation - we bring the auction to you in the comfort of your own home, office or even to your mobile device. And to satisfy those that still want the "live auction experience" without the cost, Lang's provides a Live Video & Audio feed of our auctioneers as they sell each and every item.



Damage & Loss:


Due to virtual viewing, Lang's consignors are comforted by the knowledge that their rare or important items will not be handled by the inexperienced or malicious, resulting in viewing room "accidents", or worse yet, losses due to theft. And, how many consignors have fallen victim to the unscrupulous viewing room dealer/collector who "downs" or "bashes" an item to others in the viewing room just so they can "buy it cheap" once prospective bidders have lost interest due to negative comments? With virtual viewing, damage or theft is not a concern, and unethical verbal behavior does not reach or affect the bidders serious about purchasing or investing in your valuable item.





One of the most important reasons we provide virtual viewing is the high quality in which the items are presented and viewed by serious collectors. Consignor's items are photographed in a professional studio setting with the appropriate background and lighting - not displayed on tables to be hastily viewed in low or harsh hotel lighting. Lang's virtual viewing provides the consignor and buyer with an experience of the highest quality. Consignor's items are presented to the audience in the most attractive possible way, while allowing an unlimited number of potential buyers worldwide to inspect the item thoroughly through multiple enlargeable photos - without interruption from other viewers or without a time limit. It is without question, the best way to present consignments for sale or buy an important item or collection.





Unlike other auctions and sellers in this field, we maintain full retail insurance against all perils for every consigned item - up to $25,000 per individual item, with additional riders for items of even higher value. This service is included at no additional charge to the consignor.





Lang's provides extensive advertising, through both print media and Internet exposure. Over the last decade, our audience has expanded exponentially to include collectors in 45 countries, therefore necessitating an important evolution in the way we advertise your consignments. While print advertising and "blanket" online advertising may reach a small percentage of the target audience, direct advertising to antique tackle collectors is hugely more successful, realizing many times the bidder involvement. Due to our exclusive mailing list of over 40,000 active tackle collectors (which includes all existing tackle club members), our advertising reaches an audience of 100% interested collectors and enthusiasts. Through generic online services, any auction or seller can now claim they advertise to millions, using inflated viewer numbers only touted to impress, but produce no meaningful results. Using Lang's vast private mailing list, gained from decades of sales to many thousands of satisfied customers, we will specifically market your items to the only audience that matters - those interested in antique and collectible fishing tackle.



Identification and Valuation:


For the last decade we have been actively building the largest and most comprehensive data base of antique and collectible fishing tackle and related items in the world - compiling hundreds of thousands of professional photos and descriptions of items in each and every category. This immense and unparalleled database gives Lang's the ability to directly compare your consigned items to thousands of others in the same category, by the same maker, or even the same model - whether it be lures, reels, rods, or any other rare or important item for variations that may translate into a higher price paid at auction. Identification or value no longer needs to be left to human memory or error, it is achieved at Lang's instantaneously with accurate information updated daily - no more endless manual searches, consulting outdated reference that may not provide reliable data. Due to this vast exclusive resource of knowledge, we can, without question, advertise Lang's as the tackle experts - No other auction or seller can match the extensive amount of viable information we have at our disposal.



View time:


While we often have important collections and high value items consigned many months before the auction, we feel it is important to provide the correct "view time". The right amount of exposure can increase the interest and bidding aggression of prospective buyers, while too much exposure, especially of rare or important items, can have a negative effect on bidder involvement at auction, therefore decreasing the price realized when sold. Most have heard the phrase "shopped to death", this is indeed true with auction items that are exposed for prolonged periods of time, most notably through online exposure. Lang's consignment display schedule provides the right exposure for the maximum "hype" of your valuable items or collection, while allowing ample time for bidders to comfortably participate.


If you are considering consigning, please continue to browse this site for more information or give us a call, we'll be glad to answer any questions you may have about the auction or consignment process. For emails, please include your phone number and the best day/time to reach you.



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